Commercial Real Estate

The Coolidge Law Firm has an extensive base of knowledge in real estate law, collections and title work. Cases in the area of construction  are often difficult to win because the homeowner is pitted against a contractor who already knows construction and can testify as his own expert. The homeowner is forced to hire experts in order to support his position.

Faulty Construction

In this case the defendants did their own work upon a house, and as it turns out, when they put the house wrap around the house, instead of overlapping from the bottom to the top, they overlapped the other way so that water was going through the seams of the house wrap. Over the years, water seeped into the walls causing extensive mold damage.

Fraud Trial

When our clients, this unfortunate young couple with children, bought the house, the walls were hidden by the siding on the outside and by fresh paint on the inside.  The couple soon discovered that the house leaked and had mold breaking out. After a trial and bringing in all the contractors and a code enforcement officer, we convinced the trial court that the young couple had indeed suffered from actual fraud in the hiding of the water conditions which the seller knew about, but refused to tell the buyers.

Bank Held Accountable

To collect damages for our client we had to bring suit against a bank. The bank wrongfully failed to seize an account despite a court order. Getting our clients paid can be a hard task, but we will fight hard for your rights!

Compassion Wins

This case involved great perseverance and the clients have been very grateful, since many other lawyers were presented with this case and decided it was too expensive and too complicated to take on. With great compassion for this young couple, whose dream had been jeopardized, we brought this case to a just outcome.