Family Law

The Coolidge Law Firm attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience, and we know that only a specialized, personal approach can effectively address the difficult and emotional issues in family law matters. Every divorce or family law matter is different; each has its own unique circumstances. We have the breadth and depth of experience to guide you through your case.

We want to resolve issues as amicably as possible, ensuring efficient handling of divorces, including child support, alimony, equitable asset division, parenting time issues, legal and physical custody.

We Listen

The attorneys at The Coolidge Law Firm will listen to you, work closely with you, and give advice based on your personal situation, explain the process, and keep you involved. As these matters affect your life and your loved ones, we try to do our best to provide you with assistance for a new beginning.


The cost of a divorce depends much upon the parties involved. If the divorcees constructively work together, cost, and the duration of the process, can be contained. If this is not possible, delays and expenditures may be the result. Usually, child custody and asset division can be the origin of disputes. The economic implications for low-income, custodial parents, as well as the uncertainty of child support and alimony payments for higher-income earners can be overwhelming.

We have the experience to assess how monetary support would be handled in court; we can negotiate fair settlements and protect your rights. Call us at (603) 692-4282.


No matter how difficult or how easy divorce proceedings turn out, children are usually the ones that suffer most. We strive to keep conflict to a minimum, instead of seeking settlement of all custody and support conflicts. This also saves time and money and is better for your own emotional health. If settlement can’t be reached, we have the know-how to successfully support your rights in court. Call us at (603) 692-4282 to discuss your options.

Guardian ad Litem, Mediation

Linda Mayrand also serves as Guardian ad Litem, a person that protects specifically the rights of the children and gives them a voice in court. Linda is also experienced in marital mediation, a way that parties can resolve their own disputes without going to court. In mediation, a neutral third party tries to help the opposing parties find solutions that are satisfactory to both parties. The mediator cannot impose a solution but helps to develop solutions by facilitating communication between the parties.

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