Supreme Coverage

First responders, a police officer and an EMT, suffered exposures to possibly contaminated blood while performing their duties.

Denied Coverage

The workers’ compensation carriers denied coverage for the payment of the multiple medical tests the two responders were legally required to undergo. To assure that neither person suffered life threatening exposures tests had to be done for approximately one year.

Department of Labor

More than just coverage for the tests, had the exposure been positive, then a lifetime of medical care would have become the responsibility of the carrier. So the case went to the DOL Board, was vigorously fought and The Coolidge Law Firm won at the initial level.


The insurance company appealed and the case was overturned at the appellate level, which saw the case merely as dealing with the fear of contracting a disease.

Supreme Court Appeal

We immediately appealed to the NH Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in turn immediately decided to accept this case of first impression which changed the insurance company’s point of view. The carrier offered to provide all benefits that our clients were seeking, presumably to avoid having case law on the books against them.

Full and Fair Recovery

The carrier accepted our clients’ claims in full and paid all of their benefits in full. We are always listening carefully to your concerns toward the goal of obtaining a full and fair recovery for our clients – because our clients come first!