Workers’ Compensation

Receive the Benefits You Are Entitled to

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment. We will fight for fair compensation for you. Located in Somersworth and Farmington, we will handle cases throughout NH and Maine, including Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, Concord, Manchester, Exeter, as well as York, Sanford, Kennebunk, and Portland, ME.

Work-related accidents or illnesses due to exposure to hazardous substances can entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits. You should contact us as early as possible so we can assist you with your claim most effectively. We have the knowledge to deal with insurances and are happy to answer your questions. Call us at (603) 692-4282.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Benefits may include:

– Lost wage benefits

– Total disability benefits

– Partial disability benefits

– Necessary medical expenses

– Specific loss (of a body part) benefits

– Disfigurement awards

– Work-related death benefits

Wage loss benefits are usually based on your pre-injury earnings, including gross wages, overtime, and bonuses. Average weekly wages also include any second job you had when you were injured. The correct calculation of the average wage is important as small differences will add up over time and it may affect the value of the claim for a settlement.


You may be eligible to receive a lump sum settlement. Only an experienced attorney will be able to tell accurately how much your case is worth, but insurance companies often try to settle for less without you being represented by an attorney. The experienced attorneys at the Coolidge Law Firm will assure that you get what you are entitled to.

Insurance Experts

Sometimes, the insurance company will want a nurse to go with you to your doctor’s appointment or ask for medical information. Unfortunately, this is not because of your best interest, but to stop your benefits. You are not required to comply with that request. Call us if you have any questions: (603) 692-4282.

In case the insurance company hires a vocational expert to determine your ability to work or a doctor conducts an Independent Medical Examination, please contact us immediately to make sure your claim is handled correctly.

Don’t Sign Anything Without Review

Workers’ compensation claims can be complicated if you are or will be also receiving Medicare or Social Security disability, or if some part of your medical bills has been paid by private insurance or other institutions. You may have to reimburse some insurance companies unless all documents are thoroughly reviewed. We urge you to involve one of our knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyers before you sign anything.

Even when you can return to work, do not sign any papers regarding your case before running them by us. While you may think you sign to receive your final check, these documents might affect your rights to receive later wage loss benefits and get medical bills paid later. Let us review any document and protect your rights! Call (603) 692-4282.

In addition to workers’ compensation claims, we also handle personal injury cases.